Instant voice messenger
with instant playback.

You record the message - your buddy's phone says this message out loud, instantly.

Free. Simple. Reliable.

Why type when you may say?
Why read when you may listen?

SayOut - the instant voice messenger for your mobile phone. Talk instead of typing, listen instead of reading.

It is unbelievably simple:

SayOut Contacts List

1 - Select the contact

You choose the contact in SayOut contacts list, which is composed automatically from your phone contacts which have SayOut application installed.

SayOut instant voice messaging recording

2 - Just speak

You click the contact and speak straight to the point for up to 3 seconds.

SayOut instant voice messaging instant playback by the recepient phone

3 - Your buddy phone speaks

The phone of the other party says out your message loud instantly. No need to get the message, read it, click anything. Instant playback.

SayOut instant voice messaging - easy reply to message

4 - Your buddy replies

Your buddy hears the message and may hear it again or reply to you with voice message - from the inbox in the application or directly from the notification.

Get the SayOut now:

Android phones


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Windows Phone

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SayOut is for Everything.

SayOut is for short, straight-to-the point messages. How many times you just need to tell your friends that you will arive in 5 minutes?
Or to your colleague to visit your cubicle?
Or to your mom that you are ok?
Or to your girfriend that you love her?
Or to your child to take care?
Just say it, just short something? A lot of times, right? So our application is designed exactly for these cases.

Short messaging is cool, but nothing compares to hearing the voice of your loved ones!

Questions and Answers

Should I provide my personal details during the registration?

No, just your phone number. Application will fill in the list of contacts from your regular phone contacts list. All your contacts who have the SayOut application installed will appear there immideately.

How easy is it to send the voice message?

Just one click on the contact person in SayOut - and then you need to say out your message, 3 seconds max.

How easy is it to receive the voice message?

No need to even touch your phone. Message will be played back instantly. If you wish to replay it or answer - you will find all the received messages in the inbox of SayOut.

Does it transmits and receives a lot of data through the internet?

No. It depends on the number of messages you reveive. Each message size is about 4K, so you may count by yourself. In any case, it is not a lot of data, you should not worry about your data plan.

What if instant playback of voice messages bothers me?

No problem - you may switch it off, for all the application or only for specific contacts.

So, anyone may just say me whatever he wishes at any time and I will hear it at the same moment?

Almost correct. But not anyone. And not at any time. You may mute the application, you may allow only people in your contacts list (people you know) to be able to send you a mesage. You may also mute or block specific contacts.

I am using regular text messenger. Why switch to SayOut?

Because typing is slow and boring. Today's trend is INSTANT VOICE MESSAGING, no typing. Just talk and listen.

Is it completely free?

Yes, regular version is for free. It prpvodes all the required and described here basic functions. There are some advanced features available in the professinal version which cost some money.

Why do you give it for free?

We are rich and do not need money. Just kidding. We wish to have millions of users, and then Google will buy us for a dozens of billion dollars.

Will there be versions for Windows phone and for Apple?

Yes, they are under development.

Do you plan to add new features in future?

Yes - the next version will deliver messages using a telepathy. It will just transmit your thought from your head straight to the head of the other party. That's is the only improvement and the only comminication simplification possible after the SayOut release. Enjoy!

Is it suitable for tablets/PCs?

No. Only for smartphones with communication enabled (SMS+Internet).

Why do you allow only 3-second short messages?

That's the whole point. We wish this application to be usefull and different from existing applications. It is exactly what is missing and what people need. If you wish to talk for a long time and be sure the other party listens - make a regular call. Our application is for short, straight-to-the point messages. Just to say something short. Our application is exactly for these cases. Professional version, however, allows longer messages.

How To Start:

1 - Download the SayOut

Download the SayOut to you mobile phone and install it. Register by providing your phone number and confirming it using confirmation code you will get shortly by SMS.

2 - Tell your friends to do the same

Tell your friends, wife, children, family, colleagues to download the SayOut application as well.

3 - Refresh the contacts

SayOut contacts list displays all the persons from your phone contacts which have the SayOut installed. Refresh the contacts to see all your friends who recently installed the SayOut.

4 - Send the voice message

That's it! You are ready to start. Tap any SayOut contact and say what you wish to say. Be short - only 3 seconds are allowed in the free version.

Get the SayOut now:

Android phones


Coming soon...

Windows Phone

Coming soon...


The application is simple and straight-forward. But if you meet any problems - check this:

Talk loud

When you record the voice message, talk loud and close to the mic.

Increase volume

Increase your sound volume to hear the instant voice message.

Ask us

Contact us if you have any questions or problems:

Professional version and APIs

In addition to regular free SayOut for everyone, we provide professional version and also different related solutions:

  • Sending longer voice messages (up to 10 seconds)

  • Sending group voice messages

  • Using API for sending voice messages - the easiest way for instant voice message delivery and playback to specific person or multiple persons in a group. Could be used to broadcast notifications, alerts, warnings, anouncements of any kind - from marketing to security.

  • Geotargeted voice advertisement: if user GPS is on and user goes into the specified area, specified voice message is played.

  • Contact us for more details.

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